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Rethinking Special Education for a New Century

Chester E. Finn, Jr., Andrew J. Rotherham, and Charles R. Hokanson, Jr. (Eds.).
Washington, DC:
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, 2001.


Recommending sweeping changes in federal special ed policy, this new volume of 14 papers scrutinizes the education now being received by 6 million U.S. children with disabilities. Jointly published with the Progressive Policy Institute, the report will help shape discussion of the next reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). It identifies the problems that now beset this important program, analyzes their causes, and suggests solutions. Comments former assistant secretary Madeleine Will in a preface, this critique is "always stimulating, sometimes brilliant, sometimes harsh, and sometimes misguided." All who care about the education of children with special needs will want to read it for themselves. A PDF version (full-volume and by chapter) is available:

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